The banking and finance sector is the nervous system connecting the global economy, enabling business and commerce in every corner of the world. The Indian banking industry has played a central part in the country’s economic development, as well as being a large employer. After the commercial banking sector was nationalised in 1969, the industry remained largely under government control. By 1980, the Government of India controlled 91% of the banking business in India. It was only in the early 1990s that the government embarked on a policy of liberalisation. According to the RBI, in the fiscal year of 2020, the total assets across India’s banking sector (including public, private and foreign banks) increased to US $2.52 trillion.

As a

banking and finance law firm

, Aarna Law has established an extensive repertoire in the finance industry, having worked with Banks, Financial Institutions, Resolution professionals and Non-Banking Financial Companies. We also represent clients seeking relief as creditors or debtors when faced with legal problems related to bankruptcy and insolvency.

We also have a dedication team of banking and finance lawyers who specialise in insolvency matters.

Our considerable experience in Banking and Finance laws have enabled us to assist our clients in a wide range of legal issues-

  • Challenged the Amalgamation of an Indian Banking  Company with a Foreign Bank before Constitutional Courts representing significant stakeholders in the transaction
  • Represented large Banking Institutions in International Commercial Arbitrations in a Shareholder Dispute
  • Represented Companies and Parties in Debt Recovery Proceedings before various Judicial Institutions, including Debt Recovery Tribunals, Civil Courts, High Courts, and the Supreme Court of India
  • Represented Insolvency Professionals before NCLT and NCLAT and guided them through CIRP to successful completion.
  • Represented Operational Creditors before NCLTs all over India in Insolvency
  • Advised large scale Financial Creditors on the process of claims to be filed under the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code
  • Advised companies with stressed assets on restructuring, and individuals on
    restructuring financial obligations and assets
  • Advised various multinational entities on issues connected to Cross-Border Insolvency
  • Advised Monitoring Committees on the successful implementation of Resolution Plans
  • Conducted various training programmes and seminars for in-house counsels on the Emerging Trends in Insolvency Litigation and latest developments on the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code