The globalisation of commerce and trade in the 20th century gave rise to massive multinational corporations in nearly every major industry. From managing millions of employees in various parts of the world, to ensuring compliance with the laws of multiple nations, to generating business opportunities in new, untapped markets, corporations deal with all manner of regulatory, legal, and financial concerns when expanding their business into new territory.

As a pre-eminent law practice in the corporate and commercial law arena, Aarna Law has years of experience in pre-transaction and pre-dispute corporate advisory as the

best corporate law firm in India

. We draft and review a wide range of agreements for our corporate and commercial sector clients. From consultancy, licensing, and non-disclosure agreements, to employment and EPC contracts, share-purchase agreements, and Employee Share Option Plans (ESOPs), we are widely recognised as being able to provide world-class legal counsel and representation.

Our corporate law firm brings unparalleled expertise to our clients in matters of national and international corporate and business law:

  • Conducted extensive legal due diligence of various corporate entities on several aspects including pending litigation, decreed matters, corporate compliance and financial
  • Advised leading corporate and commercial bodies on investments, strategic alliances, business transfers, commercial contracts, shareholder disputes, and joint ventures
  • Advised and assisted leading corporates on strategic business and legal decision-making
  • Advised major companies on critical matters relating to structuring, incorporation, exits, and winding up
  • Reviewed share purchase agreements, shareholder agreements, licensing agreements, joint venture agreements, franchise agreements, dealership agreements, and collaboration agreements
  • Advised major commercial entities on legal and business compliance, corporate laws, and foreign exchange matters, including FEMA
  • Represented leading corporates in SEBI-related disputes
  • Represented promoters and investors before Courts and Tribunals
  • Represented parties in complex shareholder arbitrations