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Apr 2024
Under Indian law, someone unconnected with the business but with the skills and experience to be a director, can join the board as an
Apr 2024
After more than 16 years of negotiations, the European Free Trade Association, which consists of four countries Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Iceland, and Norway, has entered
Apr 2024
Liquor manufacturer Allied Blenders brought a case against Hermes Distillery Private Limited for allegedly infringing its trademark with the latter’s Peace Maker Prestige Whisky
Apr 2024
An independent director contributes significantly to corporate governance by offering an impartial and objective viewpoint during a company's decision-making processes. To maintain accountability, transparency,
Apr 2024
Joint property refers to ownership held by two or more individuals simultaneously. The form of ownership commonly includes joint tenancy and tenancy in common.
Mar 2024
In the context of complex and multi-party transactions, the matter of whether non-signatories can be subject to an arbitration agreement has become increasingly contentious.
Mar 2024
You might wonder why registering your trademark is necessary when it is already well-known, has a wide-reaching reputation and has been in use for
Mar 2024
The relevance of the right to be forgotten in cyberspace is being extensively addressed by courts in India. This has led to litigants approaching
Feb 2024
Indemnity clauses play a vital role in safeguarding parties in licensing agreements, outlining the allocation of risks. The extent or breadth of an indemnity