Our progressive practice provides expert assistance to clients across industry.


Our extensive experience in anti-corruption and money laundering regulations extends to investigating and providing judicial remedies to investment fraud, bankruptcy, and tax fraud.


We provide expert counsel on a wide-range of corporate advisory issues, ranging from mergers, demergers, disputes, purchase agreements and subsidiary creation, to multi-jurisdictional corporate transactions and in cases of disinvestment by shareholders.


We advise an array of clients, from resolution professionals to foreign decree holders and companies, through our litigation practice on matters of Fraud, Asset Tracing and Enforcement of awards. Members of our team have also authored several chapters on the subject in the Indian Legal Framework, including The Law Review, UK, and CDR Essential Intelligence.


Our team has appeared on a variety of matters, from taxation, real estate and regulatory disputes, to company litigation and wills and estates before various fora, including the Supreme Court, High Courts and Arbitration Courts.


The low-bono matters we represent range from assistance to not-for-profit organisations and business operations, to advice on employee benefits, corporate governance, public service litigations, and civil and employment disputes.

ART law & ip

We advise and provide creative legal solutions for artists, art organisations and institutions, including individuals and companies. We focus especially on the intellectual property aspects of art law, spanning copyright, restitution and art disputes. We also provide legal and business assistance to creative professionals in understanding and enforcing their creative rights while procuring required registrations to protect their original works.


We advise companies across various sectors and industries on resolving commercial disputes while conducting commercial arbitrations in both, ad-hoc proceedings and those administered by institutions including the LCIA, ICC, SIAC, DIAC, and the MCIA.


We are trusted advisors to companies and legal entities across industry on matters related to financial infractions and other malfeasance by employees. We also assist in internal investigations and audits and aid in the logical and legal closure of such processes.


Our in-depth knowledge of international law, comparative law, and arbitration processes equips us to actively advise and represent states and investors in investor-state arbitration.


Our senior members are trained mediators, having worked on international commercial mediation under JAMS, and are equipped to handle a variety of dispute resolution options, processes, and strategies.

private client practice

We advise private clients on matters relating to family offices, estate trusts and succession.

data protection & privacy

In keeping with India’s initiative to enact specific Privacy and Data Protection legislation, we at Aarna, provide our clients with the necessary guidance to meet domestic and international requirements of data and privacy laws. We also continue to advise our clientele on data protection and privacy matters, including the enforcement of confidentiality and non-disclosure provisions.