Who we represent?

Aarna Law has been recognized for our skill in representing public-sector companies, land owners, engineering companies, interior design companies, project managers, infrastructure companies, contractors and construction companies on all manner of construction disputes.

We act on civil suits, land title disputes, and arbitrations relating to residential projects, commercial projects, joint development agreements, infrastructure projects in the solar, wind, nuclear and hydro power sectors and those relating to roads, dams, bridges, airports, ports, manufacturing facilities and the heavy engineering sector.

What we do?

We have experience in the following construction-related matters:

  • Representing contractors, government entities, public sector companies, architects, and project managers on construction infrastructure and engineering disputes across all forms of dispute resolution.
  • Representing private companies on construction disputes with their contractors as well as suppliers including on international arbitrations.
  • Acting for prominent real estate companies in disputes with contractors from the invocation of arbitration to the execution of a favourable award.
  • Representing clients in commercial litigation including arbitration-related litigation.
  • Acting for international parties in arbitrations with the Indian government arising out of road construction projects in India. We have experience in dealing with complex interconnected arbitrations before the same (in some cases, independent) tribunals.
Recent work includes:
  • Acting for a leading Public Sector Undertaking of the Indian government in a large-scale construction dispute in the energy sector. We represented the client from invocation to conclusion of the arbitration proceedings, and in supervisory proceedings.
  • Representing the parties in connected projects, where the dispute arose out of the same mega project but in different locations.
  • Successfully representing a well-known Indian construction company in a construction arbitration regarding a residential apartment complex in Bangalore. The client was awarded substantial damages for breach of a construction contract due to our defence in the challenge proceedings. We were also required to execute and defend the challenge under the old Arbitration Act.
  • Representing a developer on a dispute related to a tripartite agreement between two builders and a property owner relating to the apportionment of the constructed structure, including technical issues regarding the quality and structural aspects of the construction. We used an arbitration-mediation structure to achieve a commercial outcome for our client given approvals could not be given for the property while the arbitration continued.
  • Representing an Indian construction company on an arbitration regarding a dispute over the construction of a dam in Afghanistan.

Why choose us?

Our team members have specializes training and experience in the construction, engineering and infrastructure sector and are pro-active in exploring creative and commercial solutions.