Our team of tax lawyers has extensive expertise in direct and indirect taxation, international taxation, customs valuation, and classification, extending across corporate, commercial, and financial transactions. We specialize in transfer pricing inquiries and disputes, income tax structuring at an international level, supply chain restructuring, and strategizing for tax-efficient investment and restructuring. Our team has also advised on customs and TP treaties, Double Taxation, Free Trade Agreements and Bilateral Treaties (CASH structuring, invoicing strategies) with India as a primary jurisdiction (Outward investment along with partners in other countries who are accomplished tax professionals).

Over the years, as a tax law firm, we have dealt with the nuances of tax law, as demonstrated by our body of work in the field:

  • Advised the Government of India in a Bilateral treaty dispute with regard to retrospective tax
  • Planned and managed income tax structuring at an international level
  • Advised organisations on supply chain restructuring
  • Advised on matters of trade relating to tax treaties, customs treaties, and transfer price treaties
  • Took on an advisory role in matters of double taxation, transfer pricing, free trade agreements, and bilateral treaties (including cash restructuring and invoicing strategies)
  • With India as the primary jurisdiction, we have advised on outward investments along with international partners who are accomplished tax professionals
  • Experience in investment treaty claims of other countries related to taxation
  • Advised on matters of service tax