The energy sector is the backbone of modern industry and the global economy, supplying power to billions of people every day. India uses a combination of petroleum, coal, natural gas, and renewables to produce 22,315 kWh of electricity each year. As of 2020, the world currently meets 84% of its energy needs using fossil fuels, but as renewable energy grows cheaper and more viable, this number is expected to go down dramatically in the next few years.


energy law firm

has worked in a national and international capacity in handling disputes and advising our clients:
  • Aarna Law has been actively involved in advising private companies in setting up energy-efficient power plants within their premises.
  • We also advise global firms on establishing solar, wind and hydro-electric power plants.
  • We have negotiated power-purchase and sale agreements.
  • We draft documents relating to development, operation, maintenance, and termination for large power companies.
  • Our oil and gas law firm has advised and assisted government and private entities in the energy space.
  • We have represented the State in international arbitration disputes arising out of Production Sharing Contracts
  • Aarna Law advises on various issues pertaining to the oil and gas industry (both upstream and downstream), including from an international law perspective
  • We also draft, review, negotiate, and advise on contracts relating to the oil and gas sector
  • Aarna Law has conducted various training sessions on nuclear law, including for the management and personnel of a leading foreign company in advance of the company’s venture to set up a nuclear power plant in India
  • Aarna Law has advised multi-national companies in the nuclear sector on contracts and the mitigation of contractual liabilities.