Media and telecommunications revolutionised entertainment in the 20th century, and the industry continues to grow rapidly even today. The industry spans several forms of entertainment, including film, television, print, digital, and music. In India alone, the media and entertainment (M&E) sector is projected to achieve revenues of up to US $19 billion by 2022, a growth of 27%. In recent years, the digital media space has seen meteoric growth in both consumer base and revenue. Indian digital media has seen an upsurge of as much as 35% in their paid subscriber base across streaming and OTT platforms in 2020. According to the analysts, India is likely to emerge as the world’s sixth-largest streaming market by 2024.

As one of the best media & entertainment law firms in India, our team has the opportunity to work on both sides of the fence. We have represented large media conglomerates as well as aggrieved parties against media houses. Aarna Law has been closely involved with internationally-renowned media groups and production companies. We have represented these parties in a wide range of legal disputes including defamation claims, trademark disputes, copyright disputes and regulatory issues. We also advise on sensitive matters pertaining to the Information Technology Act such as encryption and privacy.

Being one of the few media law firms in India, Our expertise extends to a wide range of legal matters within the industry:

  • Represented large media houses in matters involving claims of defamation and injunction suits
  • Represented parties against media houses for injunctive reliefs, damages, and defamation
  • Represented media houses and production companies in issues pertaining to the violation of Intellectual Property Rights
  • Assisted corporations and production companies in negotiating and drafting detailed content share agreements
  • Represented artists and production companies in trademark and licensing disputes
  • Represented pre-eminent directors in copyright and script-related disputes
  • Assisted corporates in negotiating with Telecommunication Service Providers for statutory approvals and solutions for expanding remote service
  • Represented authors in negotiating publishing contracts