Retail is at the beating heart of global trade and commerce and is one of the largest industries catering directly to consumers. From fashion and food products, to consumer electronics and household appliances, among many others products, retail shares a close relationship with thousands of other consumer goods industries. Some of the biggest challenges retail companies face include logistics, import and export duties, and local trade and regulatory laws in various countries.

As a

retail law firm

, Aarna Law offers a diverse range of high-profile clientele among multinational sports companies, retail pharmas, and start-ups. Our retail advisory includes matters on litigation, corporate law, compliance, employment policies, and trademark registration, among others.

Our work as a consumer law firm in the retail industry covers a wide array of key legal services:

  • Advised multinational retail companies on consumer laws, including the consumer protection Act and various other Rules and Regulations involving¬† sale of Goods and Provision of Services
  • Represented major retail Corporations in a wide variety of consumer disputes before multiple Consumer Courts involving various issues relating to deficiency in service, defective products and restrictive trade practices
  • Assisted in Registration and protection of Trademark and Trade Dress of various products of large scale retail enterprises, both international and domestic
  • Represented private parties in various consumer and other disputes seeking damages and other relief against large retail corporations
  • Drafted a variety of licensing agreements and clauses relating to intellectual property in technology related agreements for major retail chains