Maritime transport is one of the key industries keeping international trade and commerce afloat, and connecting countries in every corner of the globe. Each year the shipping industry transports an impressive 11 billion tons of goods, the value of which has reached over US $14 trillion. In India, ports handle 95% of the trade volumes in the country. Between 2000 and 2020, the ports sector in India has received a cumulative FDI of US $1.6 billion.

Maritime law is a complex combination of geo-political relationships, business and
international trade, import and export duties, and maritime border disputes. The hyper-global nature of the modern world makes the exchange of goods on a massive scale absolutely critical for the smooth functioning of the global economy.

Aarna Law is one of the most trustworthy

maritime law firms in India

. It has emerged as the firm of preference for many shipping companies in dealing with maritime laws. We advise and represent cargo owners and purchasers in shipping and maritime claims. We also assist and advise companies on contentious and non-contentious matters such as insurance of shipowners, port authorities, and shipyards. We have also been involved in International Maritime Arbitrations.

We have made representations before the High Court at Bombay which once enjoyed pan India admiralty jurisdiction. Since the enactment of the new Admiralty laws in 2017, other High Courts including the Hon’ble High Court of Karnataka were granted their own Admiralty Jurisdiction. Aarna Law is one of the first maritime law firms in Bengaluru to actively engage in handling maritime matters before the High Court of Karnataka.

  • Represented both Indian and foreign companies and vessels/ships.
  • Obtained ship arrest orders at the Port of Mangalore and Karwar for our clients.
  • Obtained release orders and have initiated settlement of maritime claims and disputes between the parties successfully.
  • Advised on contentious and non-contentious matters such as insurance of
    shipowners, port authorities, and shipyards.
  • Represented overseas Corporates in Admiralty suits before various High Courts in India, and have engaged in thought leadership in this space through organizing webinars and seminars in International Forums on arcane aspects of shipping and maritime law as well as encouraging in-house capacity building and research.