The sports industry is constantly pushing the limits of the human body and mind, and is a dynamic space where world-class athletes meet the global stage. In 2020, the international sports market reached a value of US $388 billion, having increased at a CAGR of 3.4% since 2015. India alone contributed over US $1.2 billion in 2019. While a majority of the Indian sports media consumption comes from cricket, other domestic leagues including professional kabaddi and football have grown massively in popularity.

The sports industry has strong direct and indirect ties with several other sectors, including media & entertainment (M&E), technology, retail, and pharmaceuticals, in all of which Aarna Law has experience. As sports and athletics continue to grow in media popularity, the regulations set on the industry have continued to evolve over time.


sports law firm in India

has acted as the legal firm of choice for sporting associations, teams, and athletes in sports-related disputes, as well as drafting and reviewing contracts for coaches, players, and other team members.

Our sports lawyers in India offer a wide spectrum of legal services in the sports industry:

  • Advised and assisted sporting associations through the legal aspects of setting up cricket and football academies and coaching centres
  • Assisted sports companies with legal and regulatory matters revolving around advertising in the sports industry
  • Drafted and reviewed sports contracts between teams, coaches, athletes, and other team members
  • Advised companies and team on various sports technology-related initiatives
  • Advised teams on management of players