Space Law

Who we represent

Aarna Law is among the very few practices in India dealing with the cutting-edge domain of space law. We have previously seconded resources to the legal department of India’s leading space companies, representing them on arbitrations and advising on strategy.

What we do

We have pioneered various aspects of space law in India, many of which are still in their infancy. We have:

  • Served as counsel for an aerospace corporation in Bangalore in an advisory and representative role. A member of our team was seconded to thecompanyand as a result we have acquired a nuanced understanding of the technical and commercial aspects of Space Law and allied concepts.
  • Conducted extensive research into space insurance, and public & private partnerships.
  • Provided legal advice and assistance to start-ups in the space technology industry as well as advising onTechnology Transfer Agreements and Intellectual Property.
  • Represented a leading Indian space company in large-scale litigation and advised on strategies for arbitration.
Shreyas Jayasimha
Shreyas Jayasimha