Employment and labour laws are regulatory forces that protect the rights and livelihoods of both employees/workers and employers. Labour laws in India exist to prevent employers—who are typically the ones operating from a position of power—from exploiting their workforce with unreasonable work hours, poor working conditions, or inadequate pay. Labour laws also must account for formation of trade unions, which are typically formed to give workers more bargaining power when safeguarding their rights.

Aarna Law’s expert team of

employment lawyers

have considerable experience dealing with all manner of employment and labour-related issues. Our practice includes the drafting of employment and service contracts, ESOPs, industrial disputes, and exit formalities for senior management. We have also been involved in successful negotiations and dispute resolutions on behalf of companies and employees.

As an employment and labour law firm, we have advise and represent clients across a broad spectrum of legal matters:

  • Advised on Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOP) and strategies for
  • Drafted and advised on employment contracts and work-for-hire contracts
  • Advised on civil and criminal fraud, as well as exit of CEO and CFO
  • Represented prominent companies in employment disputes
  • Conducted and advised on internal investigations when an employee was suspected of fraud