In this latest episode of our podcast series with prominent female entrepreneurs, Aarna Law Managing Partner Kamala Naganand talks with Lakshmi Trivedy, co-founder of FlexiEle.
They discuss what inspired her to launch FlexiEle and develop their own suite of flexible customer-centric human resource solutions. They delve into the challenges of growing the business, scaling the product, protecting the brand and keeping up with technological advances. Finally Lakshmi shares some valuable lessons she has learned as an entrepreneur.

In this new episode with a prominent female entrepreneur, Aarna Law Managing Partner Kamala Naganand talks with Studio Arti founder Sayee Deodhar. They discuss the critical role of sustainability in architecture, blending traditional methods with new technologies, the rise of artificial intelligence and 3D printing, and the importance of a woman’s perspective in architecture.

In our latest interview with a prominent female entrepreneur, Aarna Law Managing Partner Kamala Naganand talks with HerKey founder Neha Bagaria. They discuss the challenges of growing the business, success stories and expansion plans, but also how privacy and data protection are at the foundation of the platform, and the critical role of intellectual property.

In this second episode of Aarna Law’s masterclass podcast on the importance of making wills, Aarna Law managing partner Kamala Naganand will go over the essential elements of a will, who can make a will and who the main parties are. Kamala takes you through all that you need to know about creating wills, illustrating with varied examples from her professional practice, what you should and should not do. We hope you find this episode as informative as our last installment in this series, which you can find in our podcast playlist.

In this latest installment of our masterclass education series, Kamala Naganand, Aarna Law’s managing partner helps us understand the importance of making wills. Making a Will is a crucial aspect of the wealth journey and we are confident that this session will cover everything you need to know about wills, providing deep sight from the many professional examples that Kamala has encountered in her practice.

Private client advisory is a large part of Kamala’s practice. She has advised High Networth Individuals and private individuals over the years on succession and estate planning and has worked with financial advisors and chartered accountants in setting up structures for investment and succession planning. We will split the podcast discussion in two parts – first going over the importance of making wills and the laws covering the making of wills.

In the second part of our discussion on the art of mediation with Sriram Panchu, renowned lawyer and pioneer of mediation in India, we discuss some of the most high profile cases he has mediated, including the Ayodhya Ayodhya Ram Janmabhoomi- Babri Masjid dispute and a decade old border dispute between the states of Assam and Nagaland. The discussion also moves on to explore how mediation can be used effectively in a range of matters, from corporate, family and international law.

In this episode of the Aarna Law podcast, based on extracts from a earlier webinar hosted by the Bangalore International Centre, Aarna Law managing partner Kamala Naganad is in conversation with renowned lawyer and mediator Sriram Panchu to discuss the evolution of Mediation as a successful dispute resolution mechanism. The discussion explores how mediation offers a different approach to dispute resolution, fostering a sense of healing and a non-judgemental kind of justice. It also explores the myriad applications of the mediation process emerging now to disputes ranging from corporate and family law to disputes between states, and even those between countries.

In the second part of a lecture delivered to students at the O.P. Jindal Global Law University on international law and addressing the impact of conflict on cultural property, Aarna Law Managing Partner Kamala Naganand breaks down the various treaties that have come into play over the years which look at protecting cultural property. The discussion moves on to the implementation and enforcement of these international obligations.

In a lecture delivered to students at the O.P. Jindal Global Law University, Aarna Law Managing Partner Kamala Naganand traces the historical background of the protection of cultural heritage in times of war, exploring the history of how international law has addressed these issues with case studies case studies of cultural property that have been targets of attacks in recent times.

Decarbonising ocean-based transport offers some of the largest mitigation potential to climate change and is key to achieving global net-zero emissions by mid century – a goal that was set out at COP26. The timeline and pathway to achieving these goals for the maritime sector however, is being widely debated by industry and government. In this podcast, Aarna Law brings together leading experts on maritime law from around the world to discuss the way forward.