India’s Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) has seen significant growth in the last few years. 2020, in particular, has been a big year for FDI in India, with a total inflow of US $58.3 billion between April and November. In November alone, we have seen investments of as much as US $10.15 billion, an upsurge of 81% from US $5.6 billion in November 2019. The future of FDI in India is bright, and set to only grow in the years to come.

As a

foreign direct investment law firm

, we have built a specialisation around the complexities of both international law and financial law. We are uniquely poised to assist clients with foreign investments as well as clients from overseas who seek to invest in India. Our practice advises private companies on foreign direct investments, and we have a strong presence in the resolution of disputes between foreign investors and Indian entities. We also advise on the creation of subsidiaries within India of a foreign company, and the setting up of holding companies outside the country.

Our foreign direct investment law firm has significant experience and a strong portfolio in this domain:

  • Advised foreign companies on setting up businesses in India and formulating legally compliant investment structures
  • Advised on Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) issues, as well as their contractual arrangements
  • Assisted and advised on joint venture agreements, or agreements with counter-parties, cutting across industries