After more than 16 years of negotiations, the European Free Trade Association, which consists of four countries Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Iceland, and Norway, has entered into a Trade and Economic Partnership Agreement with India.

One interesting aspect of the new agreement is that it provides enhanced and non-discriminatory protection for intellectual property among the signatory states.

Liquor manufacturer Allied Blenders brought a case against Hermes Distillery Private Limited for allegedly infringing its trademark with the latter’s Peace Maker Prestige Whisky label. Allied Blenders claimed that Hermes’ label bore significant similarities to its own and sought an injunction against the defendant.

In this latest episode of our podcast series with prominent female entrepreneurs, Aarna Law Managing Partner Kamala Naganand talks with Lakshmi Trivedy, co-founder of FlexiEle.
They discuss what inspired her to launch FlexiEle and develop their own suite of flexible customer-centric human resource solutions. They delve into the challenges of growing the business, scaling the product, protecting the brand and keeping up with technological advances. Finally Lakshmi shares some valuable lessons she has learned as an entrepreneur.

You might wonder why registering your trademark is necessary when it is already well-known, has a wide-reaching reputation and has been in use for a long time.

However, while these are all valid grounds to protect a Well-Known Trademark in India, there are many other benefits of being listed as ‘Well-Known’ in the Trademarks Registry.

Indemnity clauses play a vital role in safeguarding parties in licensing agreements, outlining the allocation of risks. The extent or breadth of an indemnity clause is crucial for assessing and mitigating these risks effectively.

In our continuing series of interviews with female entrepreneurs inspired by World IP Day 2023, we talk to Nidhi Mahesh of We-Storytellers about the value of storytelling, the challenge of being a startup and how to strike the balance between being engaging and legally sound.

In ITC Limited Virginia House & Ors v Britannia Industries Ltd., the Court highlighted the importance of safeguarding intellectual property in the consumer goods industry emphasizing the need for fair competition and the prevention of market confusion.

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