Indemnity clauses play a vital role in safeguarding parties in licensing agreements, outlining the allocation of risks. The extent or breadth of an indemnity clause is crucial for assessing and mitigating these risks effectively.

In our continuing series of interviews with female entrepreneurs inspired by World IP Day 2023, we talk to Nidhi Mahesh of We-Storytellers about the value of storytelling, the challenge of being a startup and how to strike the balance between being engaging and legally sound.

In ITC Limited Virginia House & Ors v Britannia Industries Ltd., the Court highlighted the importance of safeguarding intellectual property in the consumer goods industry emphasizing the need for fair competition and the prevention of market confusion.

In our latest interview with a prominent female entrepreneur, Ontum Education co-founder Stuti Agarwal discusses the role of technology in education, the impact of AI and how to encourage more …

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Cricket is estimated to be the second-most watched sport in the world, and the most popular in India. Following the final of the Cricket World Cup held in Ahmedabad, we …

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The lack of proper legal policy frameworks for the protection of traditional knowledge in emerging economies provides a vacuum for industrialized nations to exploit traditional knowledge and the resources of indigenous communities.

In the latest interview with a female entrepreneur in our series marking World IP Day 2023, Nikita Jajodia of Nourish Organic Foods discusses the importance of branding, the threat from copycats and the significance of certification.

The petitioner (Macleods Pharmaceuticals Limited) is a pharmaceutical company incorporated under the provisions of Companies Act, 1956. It challenged the order passed by the Intellectual Property Appellate Board, allowing a rectification application filed by respondent number 4 (Sun Pharmaceuticals Ltd) which was directed to delete the entry of the registered trade mark ‘OFLOMAC’ registered by the petitioner.

In the first of a series of interviews with women entrepreneurs in India to mark World IP Day 2023, Ms Vidya Rajarao of Fraudopedia talks about protecting the company’s valuable training content, the importance of funding and network support, and how to earn the trust of young people.