TransAsia Private Limited v Gaurav Dhawan is a significant case as it sheds light on the approach of Indian courts towards determining the governing law of a dispute in international civil and commercial matters.

New regulations unveiled on 31 August 2023 provide guidance on arbitrations at the India International Arbitration Centre. The regulations provide for procedures which are aimed at achieving fast, fair and efficient conduct of arbitration.

The case of Anupam Mittal Vs. People Interactive (India) Pvt. Ltd highlights the significance of the National Company Law Tribunal’s exclusive jurisdiction for claims for oppression and mismanagement and throws light on the Indian Courts’ approach to issues of arbitrability and anti-enforcement injunctions against orders of foreign courts.

Aarna Law is thrilled to share that Anusha Madhusudhan from our international disputes team has been selected by the International Court of Justice, the principal judicial organ of the UN, …

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A recent judgment from the Delhi High Court has placed arbitration financing in the spotlight and seems to provide more comfort to third-party funders of disputes in India. On 29 …

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Emergency arbitration has been in the spotlight in India recently through Indian low-cost airline Go Airline which is trying to enforce an emergency arbitration award against US engine manufacturer Pratt & Whitney. However, it seems that winning the award is not the end of the battle – the key challenge is enforcing it.

The difficulties associated with multiple claims brought by different claimants on the same subject-matter has been described as “detrimental to investment practice”.[1] The existence of concurrent proceedings can “hinder amicable …

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