Liquor manufacturer Allied Blenders brought a case against Hermes Distillery Private Limited for allegedly infringing its trademark with the latter’s Peace Maker Prestige Whisky label. Allied Blenders claimed that Hermes’ label bore significant similarities to its own and sought an injunction against the defendant.

You might wonder why registering your trademark is necessary when it is already well-known, has a wide-reaching reputation and has been in use for a long time.

However, while these are all valid grounds to protect a Well-Known Trademark in India, there are many other benefits of being listed as ‘Well-Known’ in the Trademarks Registry.

In the latest interview with a female entrepreneur in our series marking World IP Day 2023, Nikita Jajodia of Nourish Organic Foods discusses the importance of branding, the threat from copycats and the significance of certification.